Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Trading & Research Associate, CPC | Branch Associate, RJFS
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Daniel Molina


Daniel joined CPC in 2024 as a Trading & Research Associate working with David and Brooks. He has dual master’s degrees in data science and analytics & quantative risk analysis and management - and he is putting them both to good work for us. He has already made brilliant strides in predictive modelling, data analysis and leveraging machine learning techniques to influence strategic decision-making.

In other words, Daniel makes our lives, and the lives of our clients, easier. By using data science to transform data he frees up more time for our advisors to plan for our clients – a benefit our clients appreciate as well.

After a brief stint at E-Trade from Morgan Stanley, Daniel quickly discovered he was a small fish in a very big pond. He wanted to join a firm with just the right size so he could learn and grow with team members who knew each other’s name and had each other’s back. That place, fortunately for all of us, is CPC.

Daniel’s life philosophy is to add value in small ways in everything you do on a daily basis because you never know where it will lead or what positive impact it may have.

When he’s not conjuring up algorithms to improve the world, you’ll find Daniel and his girlfriend on road trips in and around Atlanta and all over the southeast. He also enjoys hiking on trails and searching for the ultimate coffee shop experience.


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