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100 Ways We Look After Your Financial Well-Being - For Generations

We have been helping clients navigate life and make astute decisions about their wealth management for over four decades. We are known for planning and implementing investment strategies — but there is a lot more trusted advice and expertise we bring to the table. We’re financial planners as well as wealth managers, which requires us to take a holistic approach to our clients’ finances. We work closely with other professionals involved in our clients’ lives in order to ensure a complete financial picture is created. In fact, there are 100 ways we help our clients grow, manage and preserve their wealth.

  • 1
    Customize an investment plan that is tailored to maximize the probability of reaching your goals.
  • 2
    Invest your assets in a forward looking, systematic manner with a focus on downside risk.
  • 3
    Access to institutional share classes that may be suitable for you.
  • 4
    Use a disciplined approach to proactively monitor each investment.
  • 5
    Partner in a way that builds trust and enables long-term focus, despite the inevitable short-term noise of market and media.
  • 6
    Employ a robust rebalancing technique that seeks to maximize after-tax returns.
  • 7
    When appropriate, we have access to hedge funds and other private investment opportunities.
  • 8
    An investment committee dedicated to patient and prudent investing with an average of 20 years of wealth management experience.

Investment strategies

  • 9
    Assist in determining if you have adequate resources and income to meet your retirement objectives.
  • 10
    Using multiple innovative tools, evaluate your personal retirement plan for its sensitivity to changes in factors that may impact the chances of achieving your goals.
  • 11
    Calculate the required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts managed by us.
  • 12
    Help develop an optimal Social Security plan for you.
  • 13
    Analyze distribution options for pensions.
  • 14
    Provide education and resources to help you make Medicare premium decisions.
  • 15
    Guide you in making important decisions in retirement, such as housing changes, education assistance to family members and level of support to your chosen causes.
  • 16
    Along with your tax professional, analyze the merits of Roth IRA conversions.


  • 17
    Implement retirement income strategies based on your circumstances.
  • 18
    Analyze your current insurance coverages, such as life, disability, health, property and casualty.
  • 19
    Conduct a life insurance analysis using our proprietary software to ensure you have adequate coverage to provide for loved ones after your passing.
  • 20
    Assess and suggest options for long-term care insurance.
  • 21
    Evaluate life insurance needs for estate planning purposes.
  • 22
    Ensure that you have adequate insurance coverages for asset protection purposes.
  • 23
    Access through Raymond James Insurance Group to numerous providers to implement your insurance plan.


  • 24
    Review your tax returns to develop potential tax minimization strategies.
  • 25
    Our team stays up-to-date on tax law changes.
  • 26
    Position investments to take advantage of tax law provisions.
  • 27
    Construct portfolios in a tax efficient manner keeping your unique circumstances in mind.
  • 28
    Provide information on the benefits of flexible spending and health savings accounts.


  • 29
    Assist you in prioritizing your budget.
  • 30
    Provide you with a detailed cash flow and net worth statement.
  • 31
    Give guidance on debt management solutions, such as refinancing and consolidation of liabilities.
  • 32
    Give recommendations on emergency funds needed to address potential medical expenses, disability, property losses and unemployment.
  • 33
    Calculate the benefits of purchasing versus leasing a vehicle.
  • 34
    Analyze the economics of a second home or rental property.

Cashflow Management

  • 35
    Help business owners determine appropriate company structures to reduce liability exposure and solve income, estate and asset preservation issues.
  • 36
    Give guidance in establishing and reviewing existing business documents, such as operating and buy/sell agreements.
  • 37
    Review to see if life insurance is necessary to fund buyout agreement.
  • 38
    Determine the appropriate retirement plan that meets your personal and business objectives.
  • 39
    Once an individual owns a business, the risks multiply to include: interruption of the business due to a disaster; death or disability of a person key to the success of the business; loss of business property; and lawsuits resulting from negligence or defective products. We will recommend strategies to potentially reduce these risks.
  • 40
    Help you find creative solutions for business lending needs.
  • 41
    Provide guidance on business exit strategies.

Business Planning

  • 42
    Will review your employer benefits and provide suitable recommendations on medical, dental, vision and disability options.
  • 43
    Review your choices in company retirement plans and make asset allocation and investment recommendations.
  • 44
    Provide guidance and education on stock options, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), employee stock purchase plans (ESPP’s), restricted stock units (RSU’s) and deferred compensation.
  • 45
    Make recommendations designed to minimize the potential risks from holding concentrated employer stock.

Employer Benefits

  • 46
    Develop a plan to save and pay for education expenses.
  • 47
    Educate you on UTMAs, Education IRAs (Coverdell ESA), 529 plans, etc.
  • 48
    Review all 529 plans to determine which one best addresses your circumstances.
  • 49
    Our team stays up-to-date on rule changes for 529 plans and other savings options.
  • 50
    Provide advice on how income and assets impact student aid qualifications.
  • 51
    Develop a plan for paying off student and parent loans.


  • 52
    Assist in preparing an estate plan for you.
  • 53
    Conduct analysis to determine if you have a taxable estate.
  • 54
    Develop strategies with you to potentially minimize estate taxes.
  • 55
    Work with you to identify the individuals or entities to serve in important roles such as executor, guardians and trustees.
  • 56
    We guide you in making decisions like to whom and how your estate will be distributed.
  • 57
    Review documents including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives to assist you in having a clear understanding of your current plan.
  • 58
    Collaborate with you to determine the legacy you wish to pass onto the following generations.
  • 59
    Assist executors and trustees in carrying out your desires.
  • 60
    Our team stays current on the latest developments in estate planning strategies and estate tax law.
  • 61
    Review ownership and beneficiary designations on all accounts.
  • 62
    At your direction, provide information your estate planning attorney may need in drafting documents, saving time and fees.


  • 63
    Work with your next generation and explain how saving and investing is linked to the process of wealth-building.
  • 64
    Help identify common pitfalls that people fall into and strategies to prevent them from occurring.
  • 65
    Assist them with choosing appropriate employer benefits.
  • 66
    Provide you the best options to effectively transfer your investments, properties or business to your successors.

Next Generation

  • 67
    Aid in developing a charitable plan to benefit causes you are passionate about now and or in the future.
  • 68
    Recommend efficient options for funding your charitable legacy. These may include Charitable Trusts, Donor Advised Funds, Foundations or Charitable Gift Annuities.
  • 69
    Illustrate and explain how your charitable plan impacts your overall financial plan.
  • 70
    Identify assets that may provide tax benefits to fund your charitable plan.
  • 71
    Create portfolios with investments that align with your values.

Charitable Planning

  • 72
    Collaborate with your counsel to ensure that appropriate legal documents and plans are in place.
  • 73
    Make introductions to local attorneys to address your needs, if needed.
  • 74
    Guide you in exploring options for long-term care planning.
  • 75
    Work with your family members/caregivers when  needed to provide you support.
  • 76
    Through Raymond James, we provide access to a service that assists with Medicare decisions on Part D, Medigap and Advantage plan options.
  • 77
    Our team stays abreast of changes in the Medicare system.
  • 78
    Assist you in exploring the financial impact of various living arrangements in later stages of retirement, such as nursing homes, assisted living and senior-focused communities.
  • 79
    Help you decide if you should make changes to trust and estate provisions as circumstances change in later years.
  • 80
    We can introduce you to other clients who have moved into various planned communities to learn from their experience.
  • 81
    Our network of healthcare professionals can develop a care plan and make introductions to the best providers in Atlanta.
  • 82
    Through Raymond James, we are able to provide you access to a healthcare concierge service.
  • 83
    Access to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab, which provides qualitative research on aging and retirement.

Elder Care

  • 84
    Partner with other professionals you may have hired to help with all aspects of your financial life. These professionals may include your tax professionals, attorneys and mortgage brokers to name a few.
  • 85
    Have numerous contacts for your legal, housing, accounting, and insurance needs.
  • 86
    Through Raymond James Trust, we are able to review your financial circumstances with professionals, such as Trust officers.

Coordinating with Multiple Advisors

  • 87
    Access to a financial advisor and client associate every business day.
  • 88
    Quarterly conference calls to provide you with domestic and global economic overviews.
  • 89
    Videos and newsletters to share our firm updates and investment committee’s views.
  • 90
    Review meetings to discuss your investments and get updates on any changes in your life.
  • 91
    Provide follow-up letters summarizing our discussions and listing follow-up items.
  • 92
    We host educational events and seminars covering a variety of pertinent topics.
  • 93
    Our associates verbally confirm every withdrawal request we receive from clients.

Communication and Education

  • 94
    We hire a third party IT company to audit our technology and test the vulnerability of our networks and servers. We have successfully passed these exams over the years.
  • 95
    We use encryption, latest firewall and antivirus technologies.
  • 96
    We conduct ongoing security awareness training for all our associates.
  • 97
    Raymond James has a dedicated cyber threat center staffed by certified information security analysts.
  • 98
    There are strict controls, limits and monitoring of access to facilities and systems.
  • 99
    Redundant systems and off-site information storage provides protection in an emergency or natural disaster.
  • 100
    Raymond James conducts email monitoring for regulatory and compliance purposes, as well as protection against phishing attempts and malware.

Information Protection

Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax or legal advice. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

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