Brooks T. Garrett

Brooks T. Garrett

Senior Research Associate, CPC | Branch Associate, RJFS
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Brooks T. Garrett


Brooks Garrett joined CPC Advisors in 2021. As a Senior Research Associate, Brooks works closely with David Hunter. His primary responsibilities include executing mutual fund, equity, bond, and other types of security trades through our trading platform as well as analyzing client portfolios to determine proper adjustments needed in an efficient and timely manner. Brooks also researches and monitors mutual fund, equity, and bond positions while reporting on any changes in outlook, expectations, and positioning. His critical thinking and detail-oriented, analytical mind is a great asset to the CPC team.

Before joining CPC, Brooks was hard at work getting his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Georgia, where he excelled in Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Financial Modelling, Microeconomics, Derivative Securities and Behavioral Finance among others.

In his spare time, Brooks likes to further his education by reading books, watching documentaries, streaming media, and working on miscellaneous Excel projects. He enjoys technology, innovation, and building customized computers. Brooks is an ardent UGA football fan and looks after his health through daily exercise, meditation and practicing mindfulness.


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Embracing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

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