Blake McDaniel


After completing his internship with CPC in 2023, Blake McDaniel officially joined the firm in January 2024. In his role as Associate, Blake assists our advisors in tasks ranging from client bookings, meeting summarizations, and financial goal planning to tax documentation, life insurance policies and college planning. His ultimate goal (and Blake is very goal-oriented),  is to become a Certified Financial Planner at CPC.

Before joining CPC, Blake spent four years in military intelligence with the Army Special Forces in 13 different countries. When he transferred out, he envisioned a career where he had some sort of purpose in helping people. Going into a financial advisory role allows him to assist people who sacrificed for years to have money for investing. Assisting CPC’s clients to reach their generational financial goals suits Blake’s “pay it forward” philosophy of helping others create something meaningful.

Blake enjoys playing rugby and likes to draw parallels between that sport and the unique structure and strong team bond he experiences at CPC: everyone has their individual strength and talent but we are much stronger in completing our mission when we function as a team.

Blake unwinds by spending time hiking, camping, and fishing in the great outdoors.


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