CPC Advisors Tops $1 Billion in Assets Under Management
November 2, 2023

CPC Advisors Tops $1 Billion in Assets Under Management

Atlanta, GA – May 5, 2021.  The CPC Advisors team has reached new heights with their clients.

Founder Mike Hines announced recently that the firm had met an exciting touchstone: $1 Billion in assets under management.

“This is the culmination of CPC providing clients with a rigorous yet highly disciplined approach allowing for careful customization as their unique circumstances and situation dictate,” said Hines. “It’s also about committing sufficient  firm resources to hire the right people for the right positions.  I am so proud of our team for attaining this outstanding achievement.”

“Clients seek reassurance in volatile times, including Covid-19, ” added CPC’s Varun Marneni. “We’ve been helping clients navigate life and make astute decisions about their wealth management for over four decades. It’s a philosophy that continues to help clients over time.”

CPC Advisors approach to investment is simple: everything is done with the clients’ best interest in mind.

“Our actions are never based on quotas, commissions, proprietary products or company sales forecasts,” says CPC’s Adele Gipson. “That’s why we provide customized, fee-based management supported by a thorough process which helps ensure opportunities are properly identified and important details are not overlooked.”

“Another key to our success is that we combine our ‘client first’ approach with technological innovation and a ‘smart growth’ business mindset,” added CPC’s Blake Flood. “We’re always seeking ways to improve, like expanding into Athens, spearheading Impact Investments for our clients to invest in a better world and more.”

“It’s all about offering a level of service you rarely see at the big financial planning firms, like allocating two advisors per client relationship,” said Hines. “No wonder CPC has a high retention rate of clients and employees alike. In fact, CPC is now working with the 2nd and 3rd generations of our very first clients, some 45 years ago.”

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