Happy Financial Literacy Month!
June 28, 2024

Happy Financial Literacy Month!

The CPC Team

April is National Financial Literacy Month, a perfect time to discuss finances, wealth, and legacy with the next generation of your family. These conversations can help build a strong foundation for your family's financial future, ensuring wealth preservation from one generation to the next. Below are some conversation starters that can help break the ice:

Share the history behind your family's wealth, the values you place on financial independence, and how it was built.

Define your family's mission statement and your intentions for your wealth and legacy.

Discuss your philanthropic vision and the ways you strive to benefit your community.

Talk about the people and experiences that helped you achieve your goals, including your educational experiences. Discuss how the family can financially support the     next generation's goals and education.

Converse about the history of your family business and how you intend to pass on your leadership responsibilities.

Consider how you and your spouse will be cared for as you age, and the role your loved ones will play in that plan.

Examine inheritances and ways for the next generation of your family to prepare to manage their inherited assets. Ensure your children have met your financial advisor,    estate planning attorney, and accountant.

You may not have all the answers yet, but these discussions will build on one another until you and those who matter to you have a clear plan in place. Remember, your CPC Team is always here to support and guide you and your family along the path of intergenerational wealth.

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